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Who are we?

We are a self-confessed chai addict couple working on our dream of starting a chaivinist moment of making chai brewing stress-free and an enjoyable process! From hanging out over cups of chai to making chai mixes, our personal journey has evolved over the countless moments we have spent over Chai. We always had a dream of starting our own Chai business!


After moving to Canada in 2018 and failing to find a Chai blend that could give us the taste and flavours of authentic Indian chai we decided to finally work on our long time dream - Our very own hand blended Chai!

Our unique blends are aimed to recreate the taste of various regions of the India by mixing chai and spices used widely in this Chai-land!


Our original blend - Cutting Chai will surely remind you of the Indian street style Chai - the a blend of ginger, strong black tea, cardamom and other spices!

Our Masala chai is aimed to satisfy tea lovers who love a strong note of cinnamon mixed with spices! It’s literally a warming and comforting hug in a cup!

Decaf chai, as the name suggests is a caffeine free chai with spices so that even people with caffeine restrictions can enjoy chai!

Turmeric chai is our take on the turmeric latte with a twist!

So now that it’s everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ have a sip and enjoy!