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Who are we?

Welcome to The Chai Brewing Company, a journey born out of our shared passion for chai and a determination to bring the true essence of this beloved beverage to you. We're a dynamic couple driven by a deep love for chai, striving to transform the act of brewing chai into a stress-free and delightful experience. From cherished moments spent over steaming cups of chai to crafting exquisite chai blends, our personal odyssey has led us here.

Our Origins

Our story began when we, two chai aficionados, found ourselves in Canada in 2018. Despite the abundance of flavors in this new land, one crucial element was missing - the authentic taste of Indian chai. Fueled by nostalgia and an unwavering dream, we embarked on a journey to create chai blends that could transport us back to the vibrant streets of India.

Crafting Authentic Blends

Our meticulously curated chai blends are a tribute to the diverse regions of India, each blend a harmonious symphony of aromatic chai and handpicked spices. Our flagship blend, Cutting Chai, captures the spirit of Indian street chai - bold black tea infused with the warmth of ginger, cardamom, and a medley of spices.

Indulge in the soul-soothing experience of our Masala Chai, a blend designed to embrace your senses with a robust cinnamon undertone intertwined with a chorus of spices. Dive into the world of Decaf Chai, a caffeine-free concoction that enables everyone to relish the magic of chai, regardless of their caffeine preferences.

Our Turmeric Chai is a reimagined twist on the classic turmeric latte, offering a caffeine-free blend that's perfect for winter days or when you seek comfort during challenging times. And then there's our newest creation, Kashmiri Kahwa, a traditional Kashmir Valley tea boasting the delicate infusion of green tea, aromatic spices, and the opulence of saffron.

Inviting You to Savor the Authentic

At The Chai Brewing Company, our mission is simple yet profound: to give you a taste of authentic chai, a sip that carries the soul of India within it. If you're yearning for a chai experience that transcends borders, we invite you to explore our range of blends. Let our chai be your companion in moments of solace, celebration, or simply when you need a comforting cup.

Join Us in this Chai Revolution

Embrace the art of chai brewing with us. Join the growing community of chai enthusiasts who have discovered the joy of sipping a chai that echoes the heartbeats of India. Order your favorite blend today and let the aroma of our handcrafted chai whisk you away on a voyage of flavors.

Experience the journey, one cup at a time.