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Chai Kettle
Chai Kettle

Chai Kettle

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Aluminium kettles with hand-woven cane handles are a unique and popular variation of the traditional aluminium kettle. These kettles are made with the same high-quality aluminum as standard aluminium kettles, but they feature a hand-woven cane handle that adds both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

The hand-woven cane handle is a unique feature of these kettles. The cane is typically harvested from local sources and woven by skilled artisans using traditional techniques. The resulting handle is not only beautiful but also provides a comfortable grip that stays cool/warm to the touch even when the kettle is hot.

In addition to the cane handle, these kettles often feature intricate designs and patterns that are typical of Indian craftsmanship. These decorative elements make these kettles not only practical but also beautiful decorative pieces for any kitchen. It is important to care for and clean these kettles properly to avoid corrosion and ensure their longevity.

Each kettle can hold more than 1 litre of chai

*Please do not put the lid on while making chai and also keep the cane handle upright to avoid burning
*Please do not touch anywhere except the handle when serving hot products.
*Not dishwasher safe, wash with mild soap
*Dry the cane part thoroughly after each wash

*Each kettle is handmade and unique and would have minor differences

***Chai glasses sold separately***

Caution - always use proper care while handling hot Kettle. Keep the handle in an upward position while heating on a cooking range. 

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